and Rhaegar died

You said King’s Landing was your home. You are the property of the crown. Stealing you would be treason.

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‘Sister don’t let go’

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« How much do you love her ?
- I would willingly turn into a stone bridge, 
and endure 500 years of wind,
and 500 years of sunlight,
and 500 years of rain…
If only she would walk over the bridge. »

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Natalie: It’s interesting because if [Sansa and Margaery] had met under any other circumstances, would really probably be very genuine, good friends.

Sophie: I feel like Sansa and Margaery’s friendship is real, but perhaps their intentions towards each other are not.

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Natalie Dormer on the sincerity of Margaery's intentions

HitFix: If Margaery has this instinct toward self-preservation and also winning power that is so strong, how much do you think that she's actually being sincere at any given moment?
Natalie Dormer: I think Margaery is a more sincere girl than maybe the audience would give her credit for to begin with and what we've seen of her so far. That's how I'm playing her, because it's more interesting as an actor to play a more ambiguous line between sincerity and genuine affection and positive personality features. I mean, Sophie and I -- Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa -- we've had this conversation where, in another situation, the girls would probably be quite genuinely good friends. They both come from very close-knit families, ruling and privileged families, and under other different circumstances, they'd probably really quite like each other and have a genuine friendship and I think Margaery genuinely sympathizes with Sansa's position and wants to be a bit big-sisterly to her, because she's aware of Sansa's naivety and she doesn't want bad things to happen to Sansa. She wants to bring her into the fold of the Tyrells and under the Tyrell's protection and I don't think the two things need to be mutually exclusive. I don't think the pursuit for power and being a nice human being, or having elements of genuine sincerity, have to be mutually exclusive. I think that's a comment on half the modern politicians of the Western World. You know? Margaery's just trying to be a viable, shrewd First Lady. That's what she wants to be.


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What they really thought

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